The Natural Beauty Box Review

*I was given this box to try free of charge, however the views and opinions are completely my own*

The Natural Beauty Box is an all-natural subscription box service, giving you the opportunity to discover some the best brands out there for natural beauty. Most of the brands inlcuded, if not all, are smaller independent brands, so if supporting small businesses and British economy is important you, then this is definitely a box that should be on your radar.


If you’re a fan of subscription boxes but are tired of the generic, unexciting and unoriginal items in most of the big name boxes (who’s has ever received a box that had a pencil and a sauce packet size of shampoo?) then you won’t be disappointed. I was genuinely impressed with the collection and range of products on offer in my box for this month. Some of the items were tester size, and a good portion of them were deluxe, if not full sized bottles. The two items that called out to me straight away were the Organdle soy candle, and the Ezape Naturals Rosemary Body Butter (I keep this in my bag at all times for dry skin emergencies!).


I later tested Opiat’s The Hungover Coffee Scrub – Potent Peppermint. I do love a tingly scrub in the shower as it awakens and stimulates the skin and hair follicle cells for healthy and normal function. If you find that tea tree is too strong for you, then this product is for you as peppermint is a much gentler option. I finished with Buff Up’s Morning blend massage oil which has a lovely rich essential oil blend with Lemon and Eucalyptus, designed to reawaken and refresh the senses. I certainly felt awake after this combo and ready to tackle my day!

I’m quite fussy with my perfume scents but the Clarity Nurturing Soul sample was quite pleasant to wear. If your skin is easily irritated by perfumes or have sensitive skin, this would be great for you as it’s scented with essential oils which mean no unnatural ingredients. The Fortifying Green Bath Potion from Moa I tested on my sister as I’m more of a shower girl, but she looked very happy in the tub! It smelled delicious and I was a bit jealous after a while…

The packaging of the actual box was adorable, the cardboard material with paper straw inside to cushion the products made it feel like receiving a lovely gift. It was disappointing to see a few of the items wrapped in plastic bubble wrap which I did think was a bit unnecessary even though the items are made of glass*, scrunched paper wrapped around the glass products combined with the shredded paper would have provided ample cushion for such items against the postman. All in all I did enjoy my unboxing experience and think it’s definitely worth the money for the variety of products you get.

*Edit: The bubble wrap is actually recycled and the items come beautifully wrapped in a gorgeous blue tissue paper.