Best In Class: Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

Nails are an integral part of a collected and well put together look. With recent research into toxic ingredients and increased public awareness, more nail brands are starting to make polishes without additives that are harmful to humans. These additives include but aren't limited to;

1.       Formaldehyde

2.       Toluene

3.       DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)

4.       Formaldehyde Resin

5.       Camphor

6.       Parabens

7.       TPHP (Triphenyl Phosphate)

These ingredients are known to have carcogenic effects on the human body, and block important functions from taking place.


habit cosmetics

Habit Cosmetics

A nail polish brand that takes its sustainability promise very seriously. Their beautiful collection of polishes is thoughtfully crafted with the health of the user and environment in mind. The coolest thing about their packaging is that the lids made with bamboo! Bamboo is a naturally sourced material so will eventually biodegrade back into the Earth. Now you can polish your nails guilt free.




Water based with very cute packaging, Suncoat nail polishes are made with natural pigments and minerals to make their colours pop. They also have a peel-able polish collection, which means no nail polish remover needed.


butter london

Butter London

A classy but playful brand, Butter London sells high end polish inspired by British culture. Their range of colours is sure to impress and includes a collection celebrating Pantone’s beautiful dark purple colour of the year. For those obsessed with nail care, indulge in the assortment of maintenance products.




A brand dedicated to producing long lasting, smooth finish and high quality gorgeous colour nail polishes. 3 free, you can rest assured that your nails will be healthy and popping in colour.  


Bonus: BellaBar

Want to get pampered and treated whilst still being sustainable? BellaBar is the place you need to be – a non-toxic Nail & Beauty Salon in Anaheim Hills, CA, they offer services whilst using the least amount of water possible by using “sanitized steamy hot towels”. They save gallons of water of per year with sustainable steps!