Eco friendly fashion: Beaumont Organics

beaumont organic.JPG

I didn’t know I could achieve hotel quality comfort in my own bed until I upgraded my night dress to organic cotton. Beaumont Organic is an eco-friendly fashion brand that takes sustainability very seriously, all the way down to their packaging. Their mission is “to design and create ‘Contemporary Conscious Clothing’ responsibly using luxury fabrics for the modern woman.”

I can vibe with that.

I actually received my parcel very quickly considering it was the holiday season, and I’m sure they were up to their necks in orders. Based in Manchester, England, if you’re looking to support more British brands, this one is definitely for you. Apart from making a conscious effort to shop sustainably, I love supporting small and independent business. I think shopping small takes much of the effort out of buying eco-friendly, as business owners tend to be much pickier from creation to sale. Their choice of materials, manufacturing processes and supplier chain tends to be more responsible and transparent.

I initially thought my parcel was a gift from a friend as the packaging was wrapped by hand with my name and address also handwritten. It was such a nice touch and I almost didn’t want to open it! The personal touch makes all the difference and it’s things like this that separate brands that are just looking to take your money and brands that are willing to go that one step further for their customers to give them a good experience. My night dress is super soft and keeps me cool at whilst sleeping (I hate being even slightly too warm), the quality is phenomenal and I can tell I’ll own this dress a long time. It’s quite long and has adjustable straps, and the boyfriend tells me I look like a sexy granny but I don’t care – comfort over looks any day.

Cotton is a very eco-friendly material in that it comes from a plant, is strong and lasts a long time. Buying cotton clothing is a great way to minimise your impact on the environment, because it’s biodegradable and compostable. Guess what’s even better? Organic cotton.
Beaumont Organic uses organic materials (I guess it’s in the name), which means when the textiles eventually breakdown, they don’t leech any nasty chemicals into the ground. You could happily put old organic cotton clothing into a compost bin knowing your microorganisms and soil would be safe for future use. Read this very good article by ecomono making a case for organic cotton.

One thing that irks me with delivered goods is the amount of excessive packaging that everything is wrapped up in. I’m pleased to say that my parcel arrived with no excessive packaging, plastic free and only contained biodegradable paper and card. This is a big win in my book and I’ve found that even though a lot of brands are working to be more sustainable, they seem to forget about the amount of unnecessary and plastic packaging that their products get delivered in. As consumers, where we chose to spend our money is a vote for the type of business we want to succeed, and I love supporting brands who make a complete conscious effort to be more eco-friendly. I know where my vote is going!