Urban Sustained Graphic T-Shirt Launch Coming Soon

Urban Sustained is launching a graphic organic t-shirt collection.

Exciting news! This T-Shirt collection is for those who give a damn about sustainable fashion, but still want to look good and express themselves. Too often we forget that a sustainable lifestyle can be fun, and doesn't need to be serious.

Why organic cotton?

Organic cotton is simply the best material for t-shirts to be made from due to it's strength and durability. Cotton is also a biodegradable material because it's from a plant, which means the fibres will eventually breakdown but into into the Earth. What's even better than cotton? Organic Cotton! No pesticides go into the making of Urban Sustained T-Shirts.

Where Will You be Shipping?


What will your designs be like?

Fun! The focus is make the designs easy to wear, and fun to pair and something you'll use over and over again. Sign up for updates and sneak peeks into designs.

Will there be a launch day discount?

If you follow Urban Sustained on social media you will be invited to gain exclusive discounts on products, so make sure you follow!

Can I sign up for updates?

Sure you can! Sign up to receive information and a launch day discount. There'll also be several giveaways.