10 Hobbies You Should Pick Up In 2018 To Bring You Closer To The World


Taking up a hobby is great way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and bring you closer to the natural world. Use your new skills and knowledge to better the Earth and bring awareness to causes that need it, whether it be social, environmental or economic. Giving yourself something to focus on will allow you to become a master, and highly skilled and dedicated individuals have access to opportunities you never knew existed.

1. Knitting

It’s a trend that’s catching on fast, and will be all the rage for 2018. Knitting your own items be it blankets or socks, makes you truly appreciate the power natures protective covering for sheep. Soft, warm and insulting, wool is a natural biodegradable fibre that is a joy to work with. When you spend days or even months knitting something beautiful, whether you keep it or gift it to a friend, it will surely be appreciated. Want to get started? Check out Be Cozi on Youtube, her explainer videos will surely turn you into a knitting whizz!

2. Dancing

You don’t need anything to dance, just yourself! Let the music take control of body and express yourself in the most human way. Want something a bit more technical? Try aerial dances such as hoop, silks, or pole dancing. This type of dancing requires strength, dedication and practice.

3. Pottery making

Ever wondered how your tableware is made? Ever thought to make your own designs? Try a pottery class! Pottery involves techniques that have been used for hundreds of years by skilled craftsmen and women so why not join the ranks? You and anyone you gift to will surely appreciate your hard work and will treat your new dishes with care.

4. Upcycling

Don’t throw things away, make them new again! Upcycling is a great way to exercise your creative DIY side. Need inspiration? Go thrift shopping and keep an eye out for items you think you can upgrade and make into new and useful things. If you’re good you could even sell your work!

5. Go hiking

What better way to appreciate nature than to go roaming in it? Find out information on your nearest national park and go for a hike!

6. Photography and Video –

It’s a powerful way to bring to light important issues you want people to pay attention to. Build a following and raise awareness to environmental and social problems. A good example? Brandon Stanton’s Humans Of New York

7. Stargazing

Put down your horoscope and actually go look at the stars. Learn how to navigate the sky and discover the infinity of the universe. You’ll soon realise the wonders of our existence and how beautiful the chance of life is.

8. Archery

An old school skill to pick up, archery teaches you how to have ultimate control and precision. Once you become good enough, compete in competitions and win prizes (or pretend to be Katnis. Or Robin Hood.)

9. Gardening

A relaxing pursuit, it’s highly rewarding to see your hard work pay off with beautiful flowers or abundance of fruit. If you don’t have access to a garden, try searching for plots to rent, or grow plants on a balcony or indoors in pots. It’s just as good and will add beautiful colours and smells to your living space. Check out this link for when to plant during the year.

10. Museums

Make the pursuit of knowledge your new hobby. Most museums don’t cost very much to enter (all museums in the UK are free) and if you get a yearlong pass you’ll save some coin. Knowledge is power and you can learn a lot from the past, perhaps you’ll be inspired for your next project.