Eco Friendly Beauty: Create Your Own Luxury Oils

I have an obsession with essential oils and am a firm believer in the holistic treatment for various things. I love all things organic and natural, and what I apply to my skin cis seriously important to me. Olive Oil has been my favourite oil to apply all over my body for a long time; I use it in my hair, as a luxurious ending to a warm shower, and often mix with essential oils to increase the benefits. I have tried Nuxe's dry oil that was simply amazing, I got a free sample and applied liberally all over my face and body. However when I looked up the price to buy a full size bottle... let's just say I choked on the price a bit.

glass bottles

After a bit of thought, I reckoned I could make my own body oil for much cheaper and in a more eco friendly way too. Nuxe does use glass bottles for their products, however, if I bought my own glass bottles and just kept reusing them, I would cut down on the amount of waste I'm creating. I popped into my local Sainsbury's, bought a litre bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I have at least 20 different essential oils already, I got some glass bottles from Amazon (they were disappointingly wrapped in plastic but at least it's a one time purchase), and ordered some Argan, Almond and Vitamin E oils from my favourite natural ingredient website ever, Nassiance.

I would suggest doing some research into what essential oils would suit your needs, and pick a few that you really like the smell of too. For mixtures that were to protect me from the elements, I used more Olive Oil as it's heavier. For more of a dry oil feel I used a higher ratio of Sweet Almond and Argan Oil. Vitamin E went in all my mixtures in a healthy dose due to it's rejuvenating and promotion of anti-aging. I decided on making one mixture for my body, one for hair and nails and one for health (e.g. using on my skin after shaving you know where) I ended up using several different types of oils in one bottle, just because I like loading up on all the goodness they have to offer! (At the bottom of this post I've added a handy infographic with the ingredients I used and what for part of the body too. Save and share!)

labels for bottle.JPG

*Pro tip* Buy some clear sticky printer paper to attach your labels on to. They're quite cheap from Amazon and they print like normal paper except when you peel them off it's clear. It makes everything look really well done and professional. I made 2 as a gift to my friend and she loves that she has her own label with her name on it! It's also handy to remember what ingredients you used, and in the future you can play around with different ratios.

Make Your Own Luxury Oils.png