New Year, New Me: Sustainable Resolutions

What a year it's been! Some interesting things have happened in world news, some good, some not so good. For me, it's been an interesting year and I have a lot to be grateful for. We're stepping into 2018 soon and for me it's a time to reflect, and plan for the year ahead. Over the years I've refined my New Years resolutions into ones that are obtainable, and easily quantifiable as that's what will get me the results in need.

This year I'm focusing more on myself, as I feel I have the tendency to stretch myself too thin, resulting in a stressed Stacy and let down friends and family. I've decided to make my list very specific, and address each of my concerns with a solution to help me start 2018 right. I'm going to print it out and stick it on my wall, so I can have a beautiful reminder of the goals I've set myself, and have a daily boost to keep going.

One of my resolutions is be more consistent with my workouts and practice harder. I'm actually a fitness pole dancer, it's so much fun and I find it much more exciting than the gym. I tended to get lazy and stop going to the gym for weeks at a time, however my pole instructor holds me accountable! If I miss a week she always asks where I've been, so I try to not miss classes for fear of her telling me off for being lazy! If you're looking to get fit in 2018, I would recommend doing some kind of activity or sport instead of getting a gym membership. 
Pole dancing has enabled me;

Pole dance
  1. To become so much stronger, much faster than the gym ever could,
  2. Use the whole of my body instead of targeting individual muscles (which actually makes you weaker and throws your body off balance if you don't know what you're doing)
  3. Have a more balanced and thoughtful posture
  4. Gain a skill
  5. A group of lovely lady friends ;)

I've also decided the direction I want my blog to take (after much 'uumming and ahhing'). I want my blog to focused on women, as I think we're quite underrepresented. As a female engineer, I know all about his, and not only does sustainability entail the environment, it also strives to better the world socially as well. I want to empower women with an eco-lifestyle, and that's what I'll do! It won't be all fashion and beauty, because I'm an engineer and I'm still going to give you facts on all aspects of sustainability.

My sustainability goals? I have lots of dreams! If I could I'd have a super house that didn't produce any waste and had plants every where and little robots doing my cleaning running off renewable energy... You get the idea. However, we need to be realistic and it's difficult to change our habits in one go. I was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest and decided to make my own to aid me in my quest for sustainable living. I'm going to make handmade a version of this to stick on my wall, and you can download this image for free in pdf too if you like. (The download button is below the picture.)

urban sustained less vs more.png

I wish you all Happy New Year, may your dreams and wishes and delights come true. I'm looking forward to another wonderful year with the Urban Sustained community, doing things green and changing our planet one sustainable step at a time! I have big things planned for 2018, so stick around and come along for the ride!

Lots of love and laughs,