Eco Friendly Fashion: Allvar Underwear (Giveaway Included!)


"Inspired by the dark and raw"

Looking for an eco friendly underwear brand? This is for you. I'm a no frills kind of girl when it comes to intimates; my number one priority is comfort, and I'm becoming more and more minimalist with clothing choices (I'm a big fan of basics).

A brand based in Sweden, their aesthetic is deliciously dark and their simple ethos is perfect for me. They have three options - one for men and two styles for women. It's simple, no fuss, and best of all a good price. For 350 kr (approximately £30, $40), you get 3 pairs of quality underwear. Another great thing? If you purchase a pack of their underwear, you get another pack for free!

Allvar Underwear is made from trees that originate from FCS certified forests in northern Sweden. Most of the trees picked are too weak for construction and so Allvar are actually helping to reduce the amount of disused trees. No part of the tree is wasted in the making process either.
I'm a sucker for well thought out, well designed packaging and this just takes the cake. Made from cardboard, and is 100% recyclable, the simplistic design has my mouth watering.

For underwear made from trees, it has a surprisingly soft feel. The texture is soft like cotton, but springy like elastane and fit's like magic. I was concerned about the breathability of the farbic, as this is very important to vaginal health. After wearing it for the whole day, my vagina was a happy bunny and didn't feel stifled in the slightest. At approximately £35 (including postage and packaging), the price is very steep for a single pair of knickers. But considering the brand is making an effort to help the environment by using trees that would have otherwise been discarded, I can just about swallow the price tag. The good thing? Allvar actually allow you to order another pair of knickers for free so you stock up or share with a friend.

Want to try their underwear? I'm going to do an Allvar underwear giveaway with a chance a to win a pair of their prized knickers! I'll be starting it soon so make sure you subscribe to the Urban Post to find our more!