Sustainable Health: Bamboo Toothbrushes


Bamboo is quickly becoming the material of choice in many industries. Why? It's fast growing, cheaper to produce than most materials and it's biodegradable. I've thought about getting a bamboo toothbrush for a while, and when I researched the benefits to the environment, it was clear to me I should definitely get one. 

Whilst researching I came across a brand called Brushbox, a subscription service that sends a new bamboo toothbrush (with toothpaste!) every other month to your door. I know that I'm guilty of keeping my toothbrush for longer than recommended and I tend to buy a new one every time I go on holiday (which is about twice a year), so this box is perfect for a forgetful person like me. The price point is fantastic at £3.50 every two months, and right now if you sign up you'll get 50% off. Thats £1.75 every two months! This would definitely make a great and thoughtful last minute gift for someone who loves all things sustainable (like me).

Not only are Brushbox environmentally friendly with their packaging, but they're also working to being socially sustainable. For every toothbrush purchased, they'll give one away for free to a person in need in the UK. Anyone who follows me knows that I'm a big fan of supporting small, independent, and local businesses, and this company ticks the box for me. I've subscribed to the early bird list, and they're also doing a £500 giveaway! The more friends you refer, the more entries you'll have, so get subscribing!