Creating A Sustainable Living Space: Part 1

For the last week, I’ve been painting my room (yes it took me a week). I moved back into to my parent’s house at the beginning of summer for a year as I bagged an internship in the city of London. I left way back in 2014 to go to university; my room however, hasn’t exactly grown up with me. Every day I open my eyes to the lilac and shocking pink feature wall I chose when I was 13 and it honestly makes me smile a bit. It had its appeal, and reminds me of simpler times when the only concerns I had were French homework and what was for dinner. It’s time for my room to grow up however, because quite frankly I can’t keep coming home to a tween paradise. I needed a good clear out anyway, and what better time to redo your room than for the New Year!

I know as soon as I leave again my room will probably be converted into a guest room, so my aim is to decorate as neutrally as possible. As part of my effort to convert my room into a more suitable space for an adult, I decided to go with something simple, minimal and most importantly sustainable.

Paint Can


I’m wary of the damage paint can have on the environment, especially if poured down drains. I made sure to calculate the square footage of my walls, (usually on the side of a paint can there is a pretty good approximation of how much one tin will cover) to make sure I didn’t buy excessive amounts and end up having to dispose of it. Luckily I got my estimation bang on, and I (literally) used every last drop. If you end up with paint left over, don’t throw it away! You never know when you might need it in the future – I’m talking kids with crayons, drink spillage or just a refresher – just seal it up really tight it should last for years. If you really want to get rid of it, try drying out in the sun first into a hard mass, then dispose of it. How about donating your left over can if you have a decent amount left or your local hardware store might accept paint for recycling.


I have a wooden chest of drawers that my dad bought me when I was 4. He bought it back in the days when most items were made properly and not designed to break, and 17 years later it’s still in good condition (except one missing nob that I managed to lose somehow). My aunt graciously decided to accept it on behalf of my little cousins. I couldn’t bear to throw it away anyway; it has too much sentimental value with its various scratches and carvings from my childhood. My study desk I decided I don’t need any more since I tend to study everywhere in the house except at my desk (ha), and will give to my local charity shop, in addition to my mini plastic drawers. My bed is also getting an upgrade (or downgrade depending on how you see it). My room isn’t small, but the double bed and frame pretty much swallows all the available space and makes the room look tiny. I’m planning on getting a cute small FSC certified bed from Argos, with a couple drawers to make use of the space underneath. 



I’m obsessed with plants, and no room is complete without one to me. I love my herbs and fruiting plants but the kitchen is a much better environment for them. My carrots do live on the windowsill for now, but when they get bigger they will have to be moved into a bigger pot in the utility room. So what’s the best plant for indoors? Succulents of course! Their juicy leaves stop them from drying out if your room accidentally gets roasting hot (I have Jamaican/Nigerian parents, I’m always fighting them on the central heating), require little attention and are so good looking! I’m currently looking for independent interior design decor so you'll be updated in the next post!