Never been to a Farmers Market? Here's why you're missing out...

farmers market

Farmers markets are a great way for communities to come together. Not only do they provide environmental sustainability, but economically and socially too. Supporting your local economy is a really big part of being sustainable. Fulfilling all 3 pillars of sustainability, buying from farmers not only allows them support themselves, but their families also.

Know where your food comes from

You’ll have direct access to the person who grew what you’ll eat, so you can educate yourself on the process it takes to produce food by asking them – without waiting for an email reply! Having a better understanding of the important work that farmers do will lead you to have greater appreciation of food and less likely to waste it.

Reduced packaging

The great thing about farmers markets is that produce comes as Nature intended. Fresh food with no plastic wrap - the most you’ll get are some paper bags, so be sure to bring your own. This is a great way to automatically reduce how much plastic you’re consuming with your food purchases.

In season food

Unless grown in a greenhouse, the produce at local farmers markets will always be in season. You can shop in confidence knowing that your food hasn’t clocked up the miles to get to you, reducing the impact on the environment

Animals are treated more humanly

Animals free to roam! Eggs from happy chickens will look better, have yolks more yellow in colour and taste good. Local farmers treat their animals with love and care, and you can be sure you’re not buying factory farmed meat.

If you don’t have a local farmers market, try services like Farmdrop or Riverford that deliver fresh produce (sometimes till covered with a bit of soil!) straight to your door by community drivers who pick up their produce from your closest farms.