Bring Back The Milkman: Why You Should Get Your Milk Delivered

Even though I don't drink milk and don't eat most dairy products anymore, I think if you're going to, you should consider a milkman. An old tradition, milkmen used to be staple of many streets way back when. They were trusted members of the community, so much so that they would deliver their milk into customer’s kitchens whilst they slept in the early hours of the morning. My parents subscribed to a milk delivery service for a while in a bid to fatten up my little sister, and every Monday I would collect a 2 new bottles from the front door that had seemingly magically appeared. Today, milkmen are a much scarcer species but the delivery service is slowly making a return with fresh advertising and additional products.

The most iconic item associated with milk delivery is the glass bottle. An obvious environmental benefit, they’re cleaned and reused up to 40 times, and after their life as a milk container they’re recycled. If you bought 1 milk bottle every week you would use only 1 and a third glass bottles - compare that to the number of plastic/carton bottles you’ve bought from your supermarket every week. Not every neighbourhood has a recycling program, so just think of how much recyclable material has gone to a landfill.

Milk Bottle Infographic

Most milk delivery services can’t compete on price compared to supermarkets and are notably more expensive. However, should milk be as cheap as it is from supermarkets? Surprisingly, for many supermarkets to sell their milk at a low price, their milk is actually sold at a loss. They further drive down the buying price of their milk from suppliers (farmers), forcing them to comply by threatening to take their business elsewhere. This in turn has a negative impact on the livelihood of the farmers and their families, and forces them to cut costs and compromise their own farms.
Most milk delivery services source their milk from farms local to their distribution centres and pay a fair price, allowing farmers to treat their animals and produce well. The milk is so fresh and so high in quality that it’s a beautiful rich colour, and there often is a healthy dose of cream on top! By buying their milk you’re supporting your rural economies, and for an added bonus can usually trace where your milk comes from.


One man or woman delivering several bottles to a community is surely better than an individual from every household going to the store, right? However that’s assuming you’d only go to the store to buy a single bottle of milk – which most people don’t. Fear not! Most companies have caught onto this, and many now offer a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables in addition to other household staples. You can add cereals, freshly baked breads, and other simple foods. Your milkman essentially takes over your midweek top up, meaning you don't even have to leave your house. Some drivers, especially in cities, do their deliveries in electric vehicles, making them even more appealing to the savvy energy saver.

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