Sustainable Home: Waste Not Want Not

In all honesty, your wallet will thank you. In the UK, according to the Food Standards Agency we throw away 7 millions tonnes of food and drink a year. This equates to approximately £13 billion per year or £60 per household per month - a staggering amount. As food security is becoming even more of an important issue with this rise in population, it now more important than ever that we reduce the food that we're wasting. Here are 5 ways you can reduce your food waste.

Buy Dried

Most dried or canned food is produced to have an extended shelf which you should most certainly be exploiting. If you don't have local access, buying fresh can be heavy on the wallet and just as heavy on the environment due to transportation costs. Introduce more lasting produce into your diet by shopping at places that have food bins to use with your own containers instead of taking plastic bags, which means you can use beautiful glass mason jars to store your products.


Buy What You Need, Cook What You Need

We have all definitely been guilty at some point for being over zealous with our food shopping and bought more food than necessary because “it was on sale”, or “they’re doing multipack deals!”. A clever marketing ploy to get customers to spend more, we must be careful to buy food we know we will eat, or can easily freeze. 

Meal Prep

Easily the most effective tactic, is to plan your meals the day before you go shopping. This way you’ll know what you want from the stores before you even go in, and avoid buying items you don’t need. Prepping your meals for the week will ensure you cook what you need, save you time, and will probably make you eat better. 

Give Your Leftovers Away

Over 8 million people in the UK go hungry. Something I learnt from my grandmother in Jamaica - if she was going away for any period of time, or had excess, she would call a young person or someone who she knew was struggling and gift to them a bowl of food. Not only was it not wasted, but she was blessing the life of another person in need. Do you know someone that could do with a meal?

Check Your Cupboards

Every now and then I make a random meal - a strange collection of foods that were going to expire soon - some real Frankendishes! This allows me to use up the food in our cupboards and start the week/month afresh.