Sustainable Living: 5 Minute Shower Challenge

For this weeks challenge, we're taking on 5 minutes in the shower!


  1. Time how long you normally spend in the shower on the first day for comparison
  2. 5 minutes start the next time you wash!
  3. You can chose how you spend your minutes (2 one day, 8 the next)
  4. It includes hair washing
  5. No cheating

As much I'd like to achieve 2 minutes in the shower, I want to be realistic. 2 minutes just goes by incredibly fast and I know the timer will go off and I'll stay in there. Admittedly, I'm already quite quick in the shower, however, what get's me down is my hair.


Boy does it get me down.

These tight curls are impossible to detangle in less than 5 minutes and and as a teen my parents spend many an hour banging in the door of the bathroom, urging me to hurry up (I'm talking half an hour for the detangling part only). For this challenge I knew I would have to switch it up, and find some tactics to increase my success rate of hitting the 5 minute goal. (This included detangling dry, sleeping with braids etc.)

Good Luck!